Brighton & Hove based screen printer Patrick Edgeley cre­ates limited edition screen prints that employ bold, hand drawn text and imagery. Americana, signs, packaging and pop culture are a great influence in these hand printed works.

A love for all things typographical can be seen through out his screen prints, something that stems from his many years work as a graphic designer. The screen prints are produced in short, limited edition runs and are available from his website, various galleries and exhibitions around the world.

“My work has changed direction in recent years to now include collaging of imagery mixed with panels of colour. As always I’m inspired by the 20th century, especially Americana. It’s optimism for space travel, the latest gadget or quirky packaging promoting artificial flavours and radiation and of course not forgetting its fantastic colourful, kitsch packaging.

I have moved away from somewhat purposeful naive drawings to utilising more vintage images from the 40s to 80s, incorporating them into carefully balanced, thought out collages that are then transformed into hand printed silkscreen images.”

Below is a glimpse into how these prints are created, not by the mere press of a button, but by a process that goes back as far back as 960 AD. Screen printing reached great popularity in Europe in 18th & 19th centuries and is still used today in a vast array of products, from motifs on cardboard boxes, printed circuit boards and was of course utilised by artists and made popular by the likes of Eduardo Paolozzi, Peter Blake, Peter Phillips and Andy Warhol.

“I love the whole sequence of actions when producing a print. I tend to push myself to see just what I can achieve, either in number of colours I use, complexity of design or experimenting with techniques. It can be a slow, frustrating process at times when the result doesn’t quite match your expectation, but these moments can also be a positive, steering you into a another direction with the print, helping to shape it like a painting. You simply don’t get with a press of a button on a inkjet printer, each screen print, although subtle, has it’s own uniqueness!”


How the Screen prints are created

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